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Frequently Asked Questions

Energy Healing

Who can receive a energy healing session from you?

Everyone! This includes children, the Elderly and animals (pets, farm animals, event feral cats and wild animals if you’d like me too). For children under 18 and animals, I need the authorization of their parents. If you have a serious condition, or if you are pregnant (or suspect you could be!), please let me know and I will adapt the healing accordingly

Is Energy Healing  going to work on me?

Pranic Healing really works on most people. Even people who are skeptical about it (including me in the beginning!!) have great results. If you want it to work for you, it will!

How do remote sessions work? How do I know for sure it will work on me?

We are all made of energy. The whole world around us is energy. Therefore we are all connected through the energy web of the world. It’s as simple as that! Remote sessions work exactly the same as regular, “in person” sessions, except that they are conducted through phone calls, Skype calls or chat (Google, Yahoo, FaceBook, you name it!). If it is not possible to set up a call or a chat conversation, we will agree on a day and time and you will receive a full report of what I did during your session.

How should I prepare for my session with you?

There are a few simple steps which will increase the efficiency of your healing session.

If possible, take a shower before we start. Ideally, you shouldn’t shower during 12 hours following your session as it could wash away the good energies that I’m going to send you 🙂 you want to be selfish and to keep all the good stuff for yourself, not to flush it down the drain! 😉

At the time of the healing session, do not perform any activity that requires all your attention and concentration (ex : driving, cooking, changing a baby’s diapers, you get the idea!). That is because we are going to be working on your energy and you might start getting unusual sensations and/or getting drowsy. For the same reason, I advise to avoid planning any of these activities just after the healing, in case the session lasts a little bit longer than expected.

I also ask you to remove any silk, leather or rubber belts, shoes, etc. They tend to absorb the energies. Similarly, please remove any crystal you’re wearing (necklace, rings, etc) because they can interfere with the healing while we’re performing it. The same goes for metallic objects. Empty your pockets from coins and money, don’t wear your cell phone nor your watch. You’re all set!

What do I need to do during my session?

Nothing special, really! During the healing session, you will sit or lay down in a comfortable place in your home (your bed, your couch). I will instruct you to assume a position of receptivity by uncrossing your arms, legs and feet, and by keeping your hands on your lap with palms facing upwards. You will simply relax and breathe calmly.

In order to be more receptive, you can visualize the part of your body that we’re working on, filled with beautiful white light. I can instruct you to visualize various parts of your body. You can also repeat several time the following prayer : “I willingly, fully and gratefully accept all the healing energy… in full faith, so be it!” This is not compulsory, as long as you trust that the healing is happening, it will! 🙂

I strongly encourage you to make a donation to the charity of your choice after your receive the healing. This is to balance for what you received. You can’t always be receiving without giving anything back. You receive a lot, so you need to help someone else in return. If you don’t know where to donate, I can provide you with suggestions of great and reliable charities.

How many sessions will I need?

It is entirely up to your condition and the ability of your body to absorb the healing energy. Some people experience immediate and long-lasting relief after one session, some need more to fully assimilate the benefits. Regardless of how many sessions you decide to plan, keep in mind that each one of these sessions will be a great gift for your body… it will thank you later!

How can I heal faster?

Blog article in progress 🙂


Bookings and Payments

Do you accept payments in dollars, pounds, … ?

At the moment, I only accept payments in Euros.

Do you accept payments by check or wire transfer?

I do. If you would like to pay by check, wire transfer, or any other method than Paypal, please get in touch with me to get my details. I will book your session as soon as your wire transfer/check will have been credited on my bank account.