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  1. melanie
    31 August 2020 @ 13 h 19 min

    Interesting 🙂 sometimes i wonder if being an empath is not also a matter of not being connected to the earth enough… what do you think? i use a tectite (crystal) to help me stay in my own energy when i am with people. But it’s nice to see this as a gift. 🙂 probably, self love and love are the best solution for every trouble, eventually…


  2. Howie
    3 March 2019 @ 5 h 46 min

    Every day is exhausting you try to explain and they think your crazy wish that I can get away but no


  3. Driss
    15 March 2018 @ 13 h 53 min

    Yes being an empath is good, and even better when you know how to protect yourself at à physique level. The absorption of energy by this natural willingness to be good to others disturbs the calmness of the empath.
    Nina, will you be so kind to give some rules or tips for that.
    Thank you Blessings


  4. Jayanti chauhan
    15 March 2018 @ 11 h 46 min

    Being an Empath is a Gift, I do not want people to think that it’s something bad, it’s a gift and we should just know how to deal with it. Knowledge is power and you are allowing others to know how one can continue their gifts without sounding like a victim but a Victor. How they can
    Recharge themselves without being drained. We can help people and still have healthy boundaries. Being an Empath is an advantage, I can know when someone lies, I go by my gut feelings, I can hear other people thoughts and feel their emotions whether good or bad. It’s an advantage to know where you stand with people. You know their intentions so we know who are our enemies first. I personally get rid of others energies through either listening to reiki infused music or I do reiki myself and create a shield. I have started letting go of toxic people. I know some people are not willing to change. So lets say if a person was different a year back and was very positive and now I feel they are toxic, I make a conscious effort of getting rid of them as a self loving person. I do not feel guilty anymore as I honour my needs first as a self loving person. I cannot pour from an empty cup.often when I let the toxic ones go, it makes room for more good energies in my life and I get to meet really nice people who are at my level of awareness. Those who are spiritually ready will get drawn to our gifts whether that is a blog, a post or a book. We just bloom like a flower and the butterfly comes to us. We do not have to chase any toxic person anymore and continue clearing our energy field. I personally clear my energy daily. So I’m doing fine. The English translation is good. ??


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