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Natural Remedies

A natural mouthwash recipe with chamomile flowers

Most of us are familiar with chamomile tea, which we usually drink at night to get ready for a good night of sleep. Unlike a lot of other herbal teas, chamomile tea doesn’t have a very strong flavor, so even children enjoy it. Another, less usual, use of chamomile is as an antiseptic mouthwash. Chamomile…

April 7, 2015
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8 uses of amazing Tiger Balm

Have you ever heard of Tiger Balm? I love it. Tiger Balm is probably one of the oldest analgesic ointments. It is a blend of essential oils such as Mint oil or Clove oil. It is available in two versions: Red Tiger Balm and White Tiger Balm. Red Tiger Balm contains Cinnamon, which is why…

March 18, 2015
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