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Lightworkers: start here

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A lightworker is a person who, on top of his/her individual mission (growing and learning), has a global mission for the greater good. If you believe you are a lightworker but you are a beginner, this page is for you: the world needs you, it is time to act! 

You know you have an important life mission to accomplish, a mission for the greater good. You have this urge that pushes you to help the planet, the people around you or the animals, because you feel you understand their pain. It can be a humanitarian or social mission, or it can be artistic, or maybe it is simply something to bring well-being and relief to people in their daily life.

The more you go forward with your life, the more this mission becomes obvious to you. Even if you are not sure precisely what it is, it is so important that you feel “disconnected”, with a sense of void, when you are not working on it… or completely exhausted and depressed when you finally made the first step, but it doesn’t work as well as you expected.

I have been through this too, but Thank God, my Angels and guides have always been with me to give me the extra push and guide me in the right direction. Today, I would like to share this experience, as well as my connexion with your angels, your guides and your Higher Self to help you launch and manage your project.

My personalized coaching will help you if:

  • you aren’t sure what is your life mission and personal gifts, or if you already have a sense of it but need precisions,
  • you are worried about taking action or talking about your plans to people around you because you are scared of how they might react,
  • you don’t know where to start to launch your project, or you already started but aren’t sure what your next moves should be,
  • you already started your project/business, but you are not progressing much, you find it challenging to recruit new clients,
  • you can’t make a living with your business (or you’re worried you won’t be able to).

Together we will define your objectives to help you move forward, to achieve your dream, and to help the world around us! Do not hesitate and request a booking using the form below:

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To book your session, please send me a message using the form below.


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