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Thank you for booking your 60 minutes Angel reading

Hi Dear Angel!

Thank you very much for paying your 60 minutes Angel reading. I will receive your payment notification in a few minutes, and I will get back to you as soon as possible to set a time and date for your booking.
I normally reply within 1 business day, but if you have an emergency or any concern, you can always email me (nina@prananina.com) or call/Whatsapp me (+33 6 67 40 18 15).

The Angels are so happy that you’re willing to take the time to hear their messages and their guidance! They are always eager to help you, as long as you ask them – they will never interfere without your consent. And of course, they need you to be receptive, to listen to their guidance. Well, that is basically what you’re going to do during our session! Therefore, they are happy that you are making this commitment to them, but mostly… to yourself! 🙂

Let’s talk soon! I can’t wait to meet you and your Angels.

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