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What is Pranic Healing?

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What is Pranic Healing?

Pranic Healing is a very efficient energy healing modality which is based on the idea that every living being has the ability to heal oneself. It is a no-touch technique where the practitioner works on the aura (or energy body) and the chakras (or energy centers) of the sick person or animal.


How does Pranic Healing work?

When the energy circulation system is unbalanced – because of stress, unhealthy food or repetitive negative thoughts for instance – , our body can become sick. These energy blockages can also affect our emotions, our mental health, our relationships or our material life.

Pranic Healing gets rid of these energy blockages by “cleansing” the toxic energy buildups accumulated in the aura, the chakras and the organs. This allows to restore a healthy energy circulation. Afterwards, the practitioner directs some fresh new energy (or prana) in the body of the patient to accelerate healing.


How many sessions of Pranic Healing are necessary?

It depends on your needs and the reasons why you are consulting me. Very often, one session is enough to bring substantial relief, and will help fasten recovery with less pain. For deeper issues, several sessions can be performed and will be adapted to your needs.


Who can receive a Pranic Healing treatment?

It is open to everyone ! Babies, children, adults, pregnant women, the Elderly, and even pets! You can get a healing session for yourself or for a loved one.

There is no need to “believe in it”, nor to know how it works. However it is important to keep an open mind, and mostly to want to get better and to be helped for that.

Teminally ill patients can also be helped. Pranic Healing can not always “save” everyone, but it can improve the quality of life of yourself or your loved one by alleviating anxiety and reducing pain.


A few words about me…

I practice Praning Healing daily since 2012, on myself and others. I am a disciple of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui who was the founder of Modern Pranic Healing and who was of Chinese and Filipino descent. I also atented many courses and workshops to perfect my healing skills with Master Stephen Co, Master Hector Ramos, Master Nona Castro, Master Glenn Mendoza and Master Marilag Mendoza.

I am currently the only Pranic Healer in Nice, France – that I know of!

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