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8 uses of amazing Tiger Balm

baume du tigre pour soigner la douleurHave you ever heard of Tiger Balm? I love it.
Tiger Balm is probably one of the oldest analgesic ointments. It is a blend of essential oils such as Mint oil or Clove oil. It is available in two versions: Red Tiger Balm and White Tiger Balm. Red Tiger Balm contains Cinnamon, which is why it is red in color. Be careful, it stains really badly! I’ve had to throw away a bunch of pillow cases because of this one 😉 The composition of the White version is similar except that it doesn’t contain Cinnamon oil. Its scent is lighter – but it still is pretty strong, to be honest! – and it doesn’t stain, yay!
I always make sure I have a jar in handy, usually next to my bed. Here is how I use it:
  1. I dab a tiny amount of balm on my temples whenever I have a headache. The camphor and menthol freeze my brain and make it less painful!
  2. I massage the back of my neck whenever I have neck pain or a stiff neck. It can also be massaged in any part of the back which feels painful. Massage it until it feels nice, warm and tingly.
  3. I massage it on my tummy whenever I feel bloated or gassy – saying that I occasionally have gas problems will probably undermine my princess label, but hey, I have to help you heal yourselves! 😉
  4. I occasionally applied it on my bladder area whenever I had a U.T.I. and the pain killers were taking too long to work. The balm eases the pain and may also hasten the recovery due to the antibacterial properties of Clove oil and Cinnamon Oil.
  5. I dab it under my nose, on my temples, on my forehead – especially above my eyebrows to work on my sinuses – and under my eyes to relieve my congested nose during a cold. If you put it under your eyes, make sure you do so before going to bed and keep your eyes closed! It is very strong and will make you cry!
  6. I apply it on my throat and chest if my lungs are congested and I have a bad cough. You can also put half of a spoon into warm water and inhale the vapors to help with congestion. Just be aware that since the base of Tiger Balm is very thick and greasy, you will make a mess in your bowl!
  7. I put some under my nose when I feel nauseous – the camphor and menthol have this fresh, crisp scent that will make all nauseous feeling go away!
  8. Most of us use it on muscle pain as an efficient post workout muscle rub, but have you ever tried using it as a pre-workout to prevent sore muscles? I hear some people use it that way. Must try!
A jar doesn’t cost much and will last for months as you only need to use a tiny bit of product each time. It’s a must-have for your emergency kit!
Written by: Nina Marini

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